Family-owned since 1979, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

COVID-19 Response

Our team is committed to providing a fun and memorable experience for guests and staff. So here are just some of the steps we will be implementing to help mitigate concerns related to Covid-19: 

  • We will have a Worry Free Cancellation Policy* related to all Covid-19 issues (see below)
  • We will call guests 48 hours prior to the trip to ask that all guests are feeling healthy and have not been in contact (within approximately 6 feet for any sustained period of time) of a person known to have Covid-19 within the 14 days prior to a scheduled trip. If a guest has, our 48 hour cancellation policy will be waived and the customer will be fully refunded.  
  • During the call with guests 48 hours prior to the trip, our office staff will review check in procedures of the day to help limit the time spent inside our office.  This may include taking care of payment for the trip, signing e-waivers for everyone, and paying for any wetsuit rentals in advance.  If guests feel more comfortable driving themselves to the river we will arrange a shuttle for the driver back to their car at the end of the trip.
  • We will be following the CDC’s, Wyoming’s, and Teton County’s recommendations for maximum group size on our trips. These recommendations are expected to change throughout the summer.  
  • If guests feel more comfortable driving themselves to the river we will arrange a shuttle for the driver back to their car at the end of the trip.
  • If a guest or staff member develops flu-like symptoms (a fever, cough, and shortness of breath) during the 14 days prior to trip we will ask them to not participate or work
  • We will use recommended cleaning and sanitation products and are utilizing them as instructed by public health organizations to mitigate the spread of coronavirus throughout the process of your trip with us.  After departures from our office, the office touching areas and restrooms will be cleaned.  After transitions from our vehicles, our drivers will spray and disinfect seats and touching surfaces.    
  • All guests and staff must comply with current PPE orders of Teton County, State of Wyoming or the CDC. We will be encouraging guests to bring their own PPE’S even if not required.  
  • All equipment (life jackets, helmets, paddles, rafts, and wetsuits) will be cleaned and disinfected between each use in compliance with guidelines for that particular equipment.
  • We will be coordinating launch and takeout times with other companies to create separation on ramps and mitigate exposure.

*Worry Free Cancellation: A reservation can be cancelled at any time for a full refund or can be changed to a different time due to Covid-19 related causes with no penalty; however, we do have a favor to ask if cancelling or changing.  Our space and resources are limited during these times, so we ask for as much advance notice as possible so that we have the opportunity to book your seat and get someone else soaked.

Special Note: While we are doing our best to mitigate risk during these times, please understand that we cannot eliminate all risk of exposure to Covid-19.  Similar to going to a restaurant, grocery store, or doing other outdoor activities, there will be times that being within 6 feet of other people not in your party may be unavoidable. 

 If you have any questions or would like to talk more about what we are doing, please call us anytime!